ANDREA - a full time Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi instructor.

I fell in love with yoga over seven years ago, when I got a Nintendo DS and bought a game called Let's Yoga. From then, I began 'playing' yoga everyday, sometimes twice a day. At first, the practice was more physical for me, but after few months I started to really count on yoga to bring me a sense of calm during especially chaotic days. Soon after, I began recognizing the benefits of a regular asana and meditation practice and continued to incorporate yoga daily - not just during times of chaos. I found myself feeling more energized, more compassionate, happier, and with more awareness. Now, I teach full-time and couldn't be happier to do what I love. What began as a physical practice for strength and flexibility quickly became a lifestyle. I teach my students to take their yoga off the mat and apply the principles learned in the class to their lives outside of the studio. I do not only teach my philosophy, I live it.

štvrtok 20. decembra 2012

Vianočná joga na Bukovinke 1.

Domča a Mirka ma zavolali ku nim, aby sme si spoločne zacvičili jogu v kultúúrnom dome. Ešte som na Bukovinke predtým nebola, takže to bolo pre mňa úplne nové prostredie, ale myslím,že sme sa nemohli sťažovať, kulturák bol vykúrený poriadne, zima nám nebola, len na konci prei meditácii kúsok, a dobre sme si zacvičili :)

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